One year ago today, we all waited in anticipation for the new year. With a new decade upon us, we were all excited to see what was to come. Unfortunately, it seemed to all go downhill with the year of 2020 being one that will never be forgotten- after all, it did last a decade itself! To celebrate the end of it, I have decided to pick 3 news headlines from each month in order to review just how much has happened this year.


  1. January 8th: Megxit. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sent shockwaves as they announced that they would no longer be a part of the Royal Family.
  2. January 11th: China reported its first death caused by COVID-19. The 61 year old man was a regular customer at the market in Wuhan.
  3. January 31st: Brexit. The UK formally left the European Union and entered an 11-month transition period.


  1. February 2nd: Streatham attack. 2 people were stabbed in what police termed a terrorist incident.
  2. February 5th: The Senate acquitted Trump on both impeachment articles.
  3. February 24th: Harvey Weinstein is found guilty of rape in the third degree and a criminal sexual act in the first degree.


  1. March 13th: Breonna Taylor was shot and killed by police officers executing a no-knock warrant on her flat in Kentucky.
  2. March 23rd: UK are sent into lockdown as they are urged to stay at home and not meet people from other households.
  3. March 24: Japan’s Prime Minister announces postponement of Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games until summer of 2021 due to the virus.


  1. April 4th: Sir Keir Starmer is announced the new leader of the Labour Party.
  2. April 5th: Boris Johnson admitted to hospital after catching COVID-19.
  3. April 22nd: Sudan bans Female Genital Mutilation and makes it a criminal offence.


  1. May 22: China unveils new national security legislation against Hong Kong at its annual legislative session.
  2. May 25: Video of George Floyd’s arrest and murder whilst restarined in Minneapolis police custody shows he was pinned to the ground by police officer Derek Chauvin’s knee for 8 mins 46 sec ignites widespread condemnation and nationwide protests.
  3. May 26: Costa Rica becomes the first country in Central America to legalise same sex marriage.


  1. June 7th: Black Lives Matter protests continue worldwide in large numbers. Bristol statue of Edward Colston, a 17th Century slave trader, was pulled down.
  2. June 16th: Support from Marcus Rashford and others force the UK government to make a U turn on summer school meal vouchers.
  3. June 20th: Reading attack where 3 men were stabbed to death and 3 others were injured.


  1. July 6: America officially begins withdrawing from the World Health Organisation. 
  2. July 25: Cargo ship MV Wakashio runs aground off the coast of Mauritius and begins leaking oil.
  3. July 28: Former Malaysian PM Najib Razak found guilty of corruption, sentenced to 12 years and fined 50 million dollars.


  1. August 4: A giant explosion in Beirut kills 135 people and injures another 5,000. The cause of the explosion is said to be a result of stored ammonium nitrate.
  2. August 12: Three people die in southern India’s Bengaluru city after protesters clashed with police over a provocative social media post about Prophet Muhammad
  3. August 20th: Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny falls into a coma after a suspected poisoning, which was later confirmed as Novichok.


  1. September 8th: 2 ex Myanmar soldiers testify they were ordered to rape and kill Muslim Rohingya villagers. It is the first public confession of army-directed crimes against Rohingya
  2. September 8th: Moria refugee camp, Europe’s biggest migrant camp burns down on the Greek island of Lesbos, leaving 13,000 without shelter.
  3. September 24th: Report shows China is continuing to expand Uighur detention centers, with more than 380 suspected facilities housing 1 million people in Xinjiang.


  1. October 20th: Nigerian police open fire on protesters in Lagos amid escalating protests against police violence around the country.
  2. October 29th: Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is suspended from the party after saying a report into antisemitism in the party was overstated.
  3. October 29th: Three people stabbed to death in a church in Nice, France, in a terrorist attack.


  1. November 2nd: Gunmen storm Kabul University, Afghanistan, shooting at least 22 people. IS claimed responsibility for the attack.
  2. November 7th: Joe Biden declared winner of the US Presidential race, 4 days after the election.
  3. November 24th: Scotland’s parliament votes to become the first country to make period products free.


  1. December 2nd: The UK becomes the first western country to authorise a vaccine for COVID-19.
  2. December 11th: Gunmen storm a school in Kankara, Northern Nigeria, kidnapping more than 300 students. Boko Haram claimed responsibility for the attack. The schoolboys were later rescued on the 17th December.
  3. December 30th: Argentina legalises abortion.

This year has been an interesting one to say the least. Although it hasn’t been the one that we all hoped and prayed for, at least we can say that we survived it and because of that, we can survive anything.

See you in 2021!

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