My First Blog Post

Political events are part of everyday life.

— Doris Salcedo.


For most people, politics is a dull and tedious subject. In fact, when I told some people what I wanted to study at university, I got asked if I was just a boring person who wanted to become the next member of parliament. This is because when people think of politics, they think of the politicians on television who say that they are ‘different’ and are going to change things and make the country a better place. The lies and deceit of politicians gives a bad reputation to politics as a subject. However, what people fail to realise is that politics is more than the government and politicians. It is a vast subject that affects everyone, no matter who you are. Politics shapes our morals and how we go about our daily life. It stretches from crime to the economy. Still think it is boring?

Within this blog, I want to share my enjoyment for politics. Whilst it is a very complicated and opinion based subject, I hope to make it as simple as possible so that anyone can read and understand it. Perhaps, I may teach some people a thing or two so that they can feel confident in political discussion. I hope to do this by discussing current affairs, social issues and political books. By no means am I an expert at politics, I learn new things all the time through my degree, discussions and books. In fact, a few years ago, before I studied politics for my International Baccalaureate, I can honestly say that politics was not a passion or even strong interest of mine. However, I didn’t realise how vast the subject is. In particular, I found myself to be fascinated by security politics. I believe that, with knowledge, everyone will find their interest within the subject which is my reason for doing this blog.

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