• 2020
    One year ago today, we all waited in anticipation for the new year. With a new decade upon us, we were all excited to see what was to come. Unfortunately, it seemed to all go downhill with the year of 2020 being one that will never be forgotten- after all, it did last a decade itself! To celebrate the end of it, I have decided to pick 3 news headlinesContinue reading “2020”
  • Swimming in Oil
    Imagine waking up every day to a view of the Indian Ocean, the beautiful translucent waves creeping gently to shore as if to protect the diverse and unique ecosystems beneath. As a Mauritian, the water is your livelihood: it is a place of work, for fishermen and activities; a place for food, to feed the country’s 1.29 million residents; and a place to explore and discover, as a biodiversity hotspot.Continue reading “Swimming in Oil”
  • The Cycle of Slavery in Libya
    “Does anyone need a digger? This is a digger, a big strong man, he’ll dig” When asked about slavery, the majority of people’s minds drift back to their history lessons on the slave trade, whereby around 12 million Africans were shipped to various parts of the world in order to become slaves. However, the dissolution of the trade in the 19th century was not the end of slavery. When WalkContinue reading “The Cycle of Slavery in Libya”
  • The Story of Yemen
    The UN says that Yemen is on the brink of the world’s worst famine in 100 years if the war is to continue. The civil unrest has been going on for a long time with Yemen partaking in the Arab Spring uprisings. However, it escalated into a war in 2015 when a Saudi-led coalition intervened. This has had devastating effects on the Yemen population. To this day, the World HealthContinue reading “The Story of Yemen”
  • Stonewall Riots
    In the early hours of the 28th June, 1969, police raided Stonewall Inn, a popular place among young gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people. Immediately, they arrested 13 people. These individuals consisted of employees, who had been selling alcohol without a license, and people violating the state’s gender appropriate clothing statute, which disallowed cross dressing. When the officers left the bar, crowds outside became enraged. The police were jeeredContinue reading “Stonewall Riots”
  • “We are the 99%!”
    On the 17th of September, 2011, a group of activists took to Wall Street, the finance capital, in order to protest against income inequality across the US. The group, who called themselves Occupy, wanted to draw attention to how the top 1% of the population hold the majority of the world’s wealth, whilst the other 99% struggle to pay off their debts. The movement soon won the hearts of manyContinue reading ““We are the 99%!””
  • Suicide Bombing: A Strategic Tactic?
    It is difficult to fight suicide bombers because they have no fear of taking their lives or those of any one else Dharmalingam Sidhathan Within the media, suicide bombing is seen as an act of radicalisation. That, being ‘the process by which a person comes to support terrorism and extremist ideologies associated with terrorist groups.’ Individuals are seen as being radicalised by terrorists or having mental health issues. Whilst thisContinue reading “Suicide Bombing: A Strategic Tactic?”
  • Montreal Massacre
    On the 6th December 1989, a young man with a firearm went into a college classroom at the École Polytechnique, Montreal, and killed 14 people and injured 10. The 25 year old, named Marc Lépine, had previously been denied admission to the college for engineering. Once he had found out how many women had got the positions instead, he was very angry and upset as he believed engineering to beContinue reading “Montreal Massacre”
  • Male Suicide
    “Man up!” What does it mean to be told to “man up”? To act masculine? To not show emotion? To not cry? To be strong for your family? To provide for them? In 2016, there were 5,965 suicides registered in the UK. Men accounted for three-quarters (4,508) of these deaths. In 2017, there were 5,821 suicides registered in the UK. Men accounted for more than three-quarters (4,832) of these deaths.Continue reading “Male Suicide”
  • The Vietnam War
    In the past few months, I have been very interested in historical wars. By not taking history for GCSE, and taking geography instead, I feel like my knowledge of history is limited to year 9- which consisted of brief lessons in the two World Wars. However, as I study politics at university, and have been studying it since taking my International Baccalaureate, I have realised that my knowledge of 20thContinue reading “The Vietnam War”
  • Equal Pay in Football
    “If it’s just as popular as men’s, they will get it, because the income and advertisement will go into that. But it’s not like that, so why do they have to earn the same? I think it’s ridiculous. I don’t understand that.” Frank de Boer (Former Manager of Crystal Palace) When I think of football, I naturally think of men’s football. Now, you can call me ignorant or shallow-minded butContinue reading “Equal Pay in Football”
  • Death Penalty: The Case of Mark Stroman
    A few weeks ago, I watched a documentary titled ‘an eye for an eye.’ Now, growing up in a Catholic school, I was very familiar with this line from the Old Testament which basically says that revenge or retaliation is an appropriate way to deal with an offence or a crime. In fact, an eye for an eye is only the first part of the phrase. It can be completedContinue reading “Death Penalty: The Case of Mark Stroman”
  • FGM
    Over 200 million girls and women alive today have undergone Female Genital Mutilation (or FGM). At the current rates, it is estimated that an additional 68 million girls will face it before 2030. Whilst it may seem like this is a procedure that happens in other countries and cultures, this has been an issue in the UK as well. According to City University, there is an estimated 137,000 women andContinue reading “FGM”
  • Productivity at Home
    You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them. Maya Angelou Hello Everyone, I hope that you are all well. Today’s blog will be very different to what I usually do. Since we are in lockdown, and not coming out anytime soon, I decided to do a blog on productivity (or motivation) at home. I will do thisContinue reading “Productivity at Home”
  • Abortion in Ireland
    The Catholic Church believes that life begins at the moment of conception. So, when an egg is fertilised, that foetus is a human life. Therefore, the action of an abortion, the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, is considered to be murder, which is henceforth a sin in the Catholic Church. As a result of this, when we bring the idea of abortion into a state that is predominantly Catholic,Continue reading “Abortion in Ireland”
  • The Problem with Humanitarian Intervention
    The side of humanitarian intervention that most people see is the positive side. How it protects the lives of many citizens abroad. Or, how it helps restore peace in society and allows them to rebuild after events such as genocide or ethnic cleansing. However, the side that is very rarely covered is the side that it is not regulated properly and that it is very selective in the way itContinue reading “The Problem with Humanitarian Intervention”
  • Upskirting
    Upskirting is a term used to describe the act of taking a sexually intrusive photograph up someone’s skirt without their permission. It is usually performed in public places and can, at times, be done without the person even knowing. Girls as young as 7 have been victims of this distressing and humiliating violation of privacy. However, until April last year, this was not considered illegal. This law all began withContinue reading “Upskirting”
  • Coronavirus: Part 2
    Coronavirus, coronavirus, coronavirus… it has filled all of the headlines in the past few months. I almost feel like we are living in a film as this virus has had the ability to shut down the whole world…almost. Food has gone from shelves, flights have been cancelled and everyone has been told to self-isolate. Due to the fact that my part one of the coronavirus is extremely out of dateContinue reading “Coronavirus: Part 2”
  • Impeachment
    The US constitutions states that a president “shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes or misdemeanours.” Impeachment goes through two stages of Congress. It begins in the House of Representatives where they vote on whether to impeach the president. After this, a trail is held in the Senate. After this trial takes place, Senators vote on whether to convict theContinue reading “Impeachment”